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Name of Funded Study:Conducting Consumer Behavior, Risk Perception and Media Research on Novel Tobcco Products
PhenX Protocols: Age of Initiation of First Cigarette Use - Adult(PX30703)
Tobacco - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency - Adult(PX30804)
Tobacco - Age of Offset of Cigarette Use - Adult(PX30902)
Substances - Age of First Use(PX31202)
Substances - 30-Day Frequency(PX31301)
Personal Perception and Knowledge of Smoking-related Cancer Risk(PX70701)
Smoking Quit Attempts(PX71001)
Delayed Reward Discounting (Monetary-Choice Questionnaire)(PX530301)
Susceptibility to Tobacco Products(PX710302)
Flavor Preference - e-cigarettes - Adult(PX720601)
Tobacco Brand and Variety - Cigars(PX730701)
Self-reported Tobacco Product Price Paid - Cigars(PX740802)
Use of Tobacco Products(PX741401)
Electronic Nicotine Product Device Type(PX760101)
Blunt Use(PX770201)
Study Acronym:
Principal Investigator:Michael Eriksen, ScD
Primary Contact Name:Scott Weaver
Primary Contact Email:srweaver@gsu.edu
Number Participants: >1000
Grant Number:P50DA036128
Study Stage: Data analysis
Primary Research Focus:Risk Perceptions and Use of Novel Tobacco Products
Study Design: Others
Funding Period:2013-2018
Registration Date:11-JAN-18