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Name of Funded Study:HLI/TBC Parkinson's Microbiome Genome Study
PhenX Protocols: Current Age(PX10101)
Birthplace of Parents(PX10301)
Birthplace of Grandparents(PX10401)
Current Address(PX10801)
Current Marital Status(PX10901)
Current Educational Attainment(PX11001)
Current Employment Status(PX11301)
Household Roster-Relationships(PX11401)
Birth Weight - Proxy Reported Birth Weight(PX20203)
Height - Standing Height(PX20703)
Maximum Adult Weight(PX21001)
Weight - Self-Reported Weight(PX21502)
Alcohol - Lifetime Use(PX30101)
Alcohol - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency(PX30301)
Alcohol - Maximum Drinks in 24 Hours(PX30401)
Tobacco - Smoking Status - Adult(PX30602)
Family History of Heart Attack(PX40101)
Caffeine Intake(PX50301)
Dairy Food Intake (Daily Servings)(PX50401)
Dietary Supplements Use(PX50501)
Fiber Intake(PX50601)
Fruits and Vegetables Intake(PX50701)
Sugar Intake (Added)(PX51001)
Characteristics of Current Residence(PX60101)
Water Source(PX60201)
Residential History(PX60301)
Exposure at Work and in Daily Life(PX60401)
History of Being Breast-Fed - Adult(PX61001)
Cumulative Lifetime Physical Activity(PX70201)
Exogenous Female Hormone Use(PX70401)
Cancer: Personal and Family History(PX70601)
Cancer Treatments(PX71101)
Medications (Current and Past Use of Pain Relievers, Statins, and Steroids)(PX71201)
Dental Caries Experience - Prevalence(PX80301)
Number of Natural Teeth(PX80801)
Oral Hygiene - Personal Care(PX80901)
Oral Mucosal Lesions(PX81001)
Presence of Dental Fluorosis(PX81201)
Professional Dental Care(PX81301)
Toothache and Orofacial Pain(PX81501)
Personal and Family History of Respiratory Symptoms/Diseases - Adult(PX90901)
Female Reproductive Organ Surgical Procedures(PX100501)
Hormonal Therapy(PX100701)
Male Sexual Function(PX101001)
Sexual History(PX101401)
Personal and Family History of Eye Disease and Treatments(PX110901)
Anxiety Disorders Screener - Adult(PX120202)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Screener(PX120301)
Depression - Child(PX120501)
Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders - Adult(PX120901)
Parkinsonism Symptoms(PX130101)
History of Head Trauma(PX130601)
Working Memory - Adult(PX131001)
Medication Inventory(PX140301)
Total Physical Activity - Comprehensive - Adult(PX150702)
Physical Functioning - Subjective(PX151101)
Conditions Relevant to Immune Response - Screener, Adult(PX160801)
International Travel History(PX161201)
Medical History(PX161301)
Personal and Family History of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders(PX161401)
Personal Medical History of Allergies, Infectious Diseases, and Immunizations - Child(PX161601)
Personal and Family History of Psoriasis(PX170501)
Skin Cancer(PX170601)
Coping Styles - Adult(PX180202)
Current Quality of Life(PX180301)
Disinhibiting Behaviors - Impulsivity - Adolescent and Adult(PX180401)
Assessment of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (Adult)(PX190101)
Emotional Distress(PX190601)
Health Impact of Inflammatory Bowel Disease(PX190701)
Short Form-McGill Pain Questionnaire-2 (SF-MPQ-2)(PX190901)
Personal History of Gastrointestinal Conditions(PX191001)
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Symptoms(PX191101)
Ear Infections (Otitis Media)(PX200201)
Healthy Food Environments(PX210701)
Family Health History(PX221001)
Use of Creatine Growth Hormone and Steroids(PX230801)
Dietary Intake(PX231201)
Family History of Substance Use Problems - Alcohol(PX510101)
Motor and Attentional Impulsivity (Immediate and Delayed Memory Task)(PX530601)
Behavioral Health Screener(PX560101)
Hedonic Tone or Response to Pleasurable Situations(PX710601)
Distress Tolerance(PX710701)
Adaptive Behavior/Adaptive Function(PX820601)
Study Acronym:PD TBC
Principal Investigator:Martha Carlin
Primary Contact Name:Martha R Carlin
Primary Contact Email:martha.carlin@thebiocollective.com
Number Participants: <100
Grant Number:
Study Stage: Data collection
Primary Research Focus: Study of Parkinson's Cohort Genome, Microbiome, Phenotype
Study Design: Cohort (Prospective)
Funding Period:2016/2017
Registration Date:01-MAY-16