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Name of Funded Study:Genetic Dissection in Pedigrees of Substance Use and Mood Disorders Comorbidity
PhenX Protocols: Substances - Lifetime Abuse and Dependence(PX31401)
Substance Abuse and Dependence - Past Year - Drugs(PX510402)
Substance Abuse and Dependence - Past Year - Tobacco(PX510403)
Study Acronym:
Principal Investigator:Nelson Freimer, MD
Primary Contact Name:Terri Teshiba
Primary Contact Email:tteshiba@mednet.ucla.edu
Number Participants: 100-499
Grant Number:1R56DA035938
Study Stage: Funded
Primary Research Focus:This project will elucidate the genetic underpinnings of comorbid mood and substance use disorders, through analyses in large families that include multiple individuals affected with both types of disorder.
Study Design: Family study
Funding Period:2015-2016
Registration Date:08-JUN-15