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Name of Funded Study:Utilizing Interaction to Identify Novel Genetic Factors for Nicotine Dependence
PhenX Protocols: Current Age(PX10101)
Cigarette Nicotine Dependence(PX31001)
Study Acronym:
Principal Investigator:Dana Hancock, PhD
Primary Contact Name:Dana Hancock, PhD
Primary Contact Email:dhancock@rti.org
Number Participants: >1000
Grant Number:
Study Stage: Funded
Primary Research Focus: This study aims to identify new genetic variants associated with nicotine dependence, by leveraging interactions with well-established variants from nicotinic acetylcholine receptor genes. To conduct this study, we have assembled >19,000 Caucasians and >4,000 African Americans, who all have genome-wide genotypes and Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence data, from our own cohorts and others from the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP). Results of this study may be used to better understand the genetic risk factors for nicotine dependence and smoking cessation and ultimately reduce the burden of smoking health consequences.
Study Design: Case control
Funding Period:2013-2016
Registration Date:31-JAN-14