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Name of Funded Study:Gulf Long-term Follow-Up Study
PhenX Protocols: Birthplace of Parents(PX10301)
Current Marital Status(PX10901)
Current Educational Attainment(PX11001)
Height - Standing Height(PX20703)
Hip Circumference - Hip Circumference v1(PX20801)
Total Pregnancy Weight Gain - Self-Reported Weight Gain(PX21301)
Weight - Measured Weight(PX21501)
Waist Circumference - Waist Circumference NCFS(PX21602)
Alcohol - Lifetime Use(PX30101)
Alcohol - Age of First Use(PX30201)
Alcohol - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency(PX30301)
Alcohol - Maximum Drinks in 24 Hours(PX30401)
Tobacco - Smoking Status - Adult(PX30602)
Tobacco - Age of Initiation of Use - Adult(PX30702)
Tobacco - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency - Adolescent(PX30801)
Tobacco - Age of Offset of Cigarette Use - Adult(PX30902)
Blood Pressure (Adult/Primary)(PX40301)
Residential History(PX60301)
Occupation/Occupational History(PX60501)
Exposures from Hobbies(PX60601)
Tobacco (non-cigarette) - Product Use(PX81401)
Personal and Family History of Respiratory Symptoms/Diseases - Adult(PX90901)
Menstrual History(PX101101)
Reproductive History - Female(PX101301)
Medical History(PX161301)
Study Acronym:GuLF STUDY
Principal Investigator:Dale Sandler
Primary Contact Name:Richard Kwok
Primary Contact Email:richard.kwok@nih.gov
Number Participants: >1000
Grant Number:
Study Stage: Data collection
Primary Research Focus:The GuLF STUDY is focused on prospectively determining both physical and mental health effects related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill and is collecting information that can be used by individuals, communities and governments to better understand the consequences of oil spills and plan for future disasters.
Study Design: Cohort (Prospective)
Funding Period:
Registration Date:11-NOV-13