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Name of Funded Study:Asian Indian Diabetic Heart Study/SIKH Diabetes Study
PhenX Protocols: Vitamin D(PX51101)
Fasting C-peptide - Assay(PX141201)
Serum Creatinine - Assay(PX141401)
Cytokine Panel 12 - Assay(PX160201)
Study Acronym:AIDHS/SDS
Principal Investigator:Dharambir Sanghera, PhD
Primary Contact Name:
Primary Contact Email:
Number Participants: >1000
Grant Number:
Study Stage: Data analysis
Primary Research Focus:The goals of AIDHS/SDS are to discover unique genetic markers associated with type 2 diabetes (T2D) and related metabolic and lipid traits by performing genome-wide association scans (GWAS) and validation studies.
Study Design: Case control
Funding Period:2011-2014
Registration Date:15-OCT-13