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Name of Funded Study:GARM II: A Study on the Genetics of Age-related Maculopathy
PhenX Protocols: Oral Hygiene - Personal Care(PX80901)
Study Acronym:GARM II
Principal Investigator:Michael B. Gorin, MD, PhD
Primary Contact Name:Maria C Ortube, MD
Primary Contact Email:Ortube@jsei.ucla.edu
Number Participants: >1000
Grant Number:
Study Stage: Data collection
Primary Research Focus:GARM II is a nationwide research study about age-related macular degeneration in the next generation of adults (49 to 65 years old). The purpose of this study is to identify the hereditary and exposure risk factors that lead to the development of ARM (Age related maculopathy).
Study Design: Clinical trial
Funding Period:2009 - 2016
Registration Date:30-SEP-13