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Name of Funded Study:Pediatric Imaging Neurocognition and Genetics
PhenX Protocols: Current Age(PX10101)
Current Marital Status(PX10901)
Alcohol - Lifetime Use(PX30101)
Alcohol - Age of First Use(PX30201)
Alcohol - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency(PX30301)
Alcohol - Maximum Drinks in 24 Hours(PX30401)
Alcohol - Lifetime Abuse and Dependence(PX30501)
Tobacco - Smoking Status - Adolescent(PX30601)
Tobacco - Age of Initiation of Use - Adolescent(PX30701)
Tobacco - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency - Adolescent(PX30801)
Tobacco - Age of Offset of Use - Adolescent(PX30901)
Cigarette Nicotine Dependence(PX31001)
Substances - Lifetime Use(PX31101)
Substances - Age of First Use(PX31201)
Substances - Lifetime Abuse and Dependence(PX31401)
Anxiety Disorders Screener - Child(PX120201)
Depression - Child(PX120501)
Disinhibiting Behaviors - Impulsivity - Child(PX180402)
Emotional State - Child(PX180502)
General Self-Efficacy - Adult(PX180601)
General Self-Efficacy - Child(PX180602)
Perceived Stress(PX180801)
School Social Environment(PX211001)
Study Acronym:PING
Principal Investigator:Terry Jernigan, PhD
Primary Contact Name:-
Primary Contact Email:-
Number Participants: >1000
Grant Number:
Study Stage: Data analysis
Primary Research Focus: Pediatric Imaging, Neurocognition, and Genetics (PING) is a multi-site cross-sectional study of typically developing children, adolescents, and young adults ranging in age from 3 to 20. The primary goal of PING is to create a pediatric imaging-genomics database of approximately 1400 cases that is freely available to the scientific community.
Study Design: Case series
Funding Period:2009-2013
Registration Date:25-SEP-13