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Name of Funded Study:Duke University Imaging and Genetics
PhenX Protocols: Current Age(PX10101)
Birthplace of Grandparents(PX10401)
Current Address(PX10801)
Current Marital Status(PX10901)
Current Educational Attainment(PX11001)
Current Employment Status(PX11301)
Alcohol - Lifetime Use(PX30101)
Alcohol - Age of First Use(PX30201)
Alcohol - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency(PX30301)
Alcohol - Maximum Drinks in 24 Hours(PX30401)
Alcohol - Lifetime Abuse and Dependence(PX30501)
Tobacco - Smoking Status - Adult(PX30602)
Tobacco - Age of Initiation of Use - Adult(PX30702)
Tobacco - 30-Day Quantity and Frequency - Adult(PX30802)
Tobacco - Age of Offset of Cigarette Use - Adult(PX30902)
Cigarette Nicotine Dependence(PX31001)
Substances - Lifetime Use(PX31101)
Substances - Age of First Use(PX31201)
Substances - 30-Day Frequency(PX31301)
Contraceptive Methods - Female(PX100301)
Contraceptive Methods - Male(PX100302)
Male Sexual Function(PX101001)
Menstrual History(PX101101)
Sexual History(PX101401)
Eating Disorder Screener for DSM-IV(PX120601)
Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders - Adult(PX120901)
General Distress Screener(PX121301)
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms - Adult(PX121501)
Psychopathy - Adult(PX121601)
General Self-Efficacy - Adult(PX180601)
Perceived Stress(PX180801)
Social Isolation(PX181001)
Childhood Maltreatment(PX210101)
Child-Reported Parental Education Attainment(PX210201)
Study Acronym:
Principal Investigator:Timothy Strauman, PhD, and Ahmad Hariri, PhD
Primary Contact Name:Spenser Jacobson
Primary Contact Email:spenser.jacobson@duke.edu
Number Participants: 100-499
Grant Number:
Study Stage: Data analysis
Primary Research Focus:The study was designed to validate a hypothesized gene/environment/self-regulation risk phenotype (a combination of individual differences in regulatory focus, COMT genotype, and chronic failure to attain a particular kind of personal goal) that is believed to confer vulnerability to failures of self-regulation, which in turn increase risk for psychopathology with significant public health implications such as aggression, gambling, and excessive use of alcohol and other drugs.
Study Design: Case control
Funding Period:2010-2012
Registration Date:19-SEP-13