Share the protocols you use and help PhenX investigators annotate PhenX measures for specific rare genetic conditions.

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2. Click on each PhenX domain name below to browse and mark measures that you think are useful to study this rare genetic condition. Or enter a keyword into the PhenX Smart Query Tool (SQT) to find measures of interest. In general, PhenX measures are not used to make diagnoses. For example, “blood pressure” is a measure in the Toolkit, rather than hypertension or hypotension. In most cases finding measure(s) of interest in a domain is straightforward, e.g. “Height” and “Weight” are in the Anthropometrics domain. However, if you browse the Cardiovascular domain looking for “Stroke” – it isn’t there. Use the search function to search for keywords across all domains. For example, if you enter "Stroke" as the search term, “Stroke” will appear in all the search results and you will see that it is in the Neurology domain.

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Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Substances
Assessment of Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders
Eating Disorders Specialty Collection
Environmental Exposures
Infectious Diseases and Immunity
Mental Health Research Core: Tier 1
Nutrition and Dietary Supplements
Oral Health
Physical Activity and Physical Fitness
Post-traumatic Stress Psychopathology (including PTSD) Specialty Collection
Rare Genetic Conditions
Reproductive Health
Sickle Cell Disease: Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Renal Specialty Collection
Sickle Cell Disease: Core Tier 1
Sickle Cell Disease: Core Tier 2
Sickle Cell Disease: Neurology, Quality of Life, and Health Services Specialty Collection
Skin, Bone, Muscle and Joint
Social Environments
Speech and Hearing
Substance Abuse and Addiction Core: Tier 1
Substance Abuse and Addiction Core: Tier 2
Substance-specific Intermediate Phenotypes
Suicide Specialty Collection
Tobacco Regulatory Research - Host: Biobehavioral
Tobacco Regulatory Research - Host: Social/Cognitive
Tobacco Regulatory Research: Agent
Tobacco Regulatory Research: Environment
Tobacco Regulatory Research: Vector

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*PhenX is a consensus process to identify standard high-priority measures of phenotypes and exposures for use in Genome-wide Association Studies (GWAS) and more generally, epidemiological and biomedical research. The measures are made available to the scientific community via the PhenX Toolkit, an online catalog available at https://www.phenxtoolkit.org/. PhenX is funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) with co-funding by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).